Welcome to the official site of Social Sciences Society Council, Social Sciences Society, HKUSU.

The Social Sciences Society Council, Social Sciences Society, HKUSU (“the Council”) is the highest standing authority in the Social Sciences Society, HKUSU (“the Society”) second only to General Meeting and General Polling.

The functions of the Council shall be:-
(a) To represent all students of the Faculty of Social Sciences in all matters affecting their interests.
(b) To afford an official medium of communication among all the members of the Society, the Academic Societies, the Union and the University authorities. (amended 2015)
(c) To discuss and resolve on all matters concerning the interests of the members as a whole.
(d) To supervise and deal with all matters of the Executive Committee and the affiliated Academic Societies.

The Council is composed of representatives from the elected Executive Committee, representatives from Affiliated Academic Societies and Popularly Elected Councillors. One Council member of the previous session and Student Members of the Board of Faculty of Social Sciences are also members of the Council without voting right.