Finalized List of Candidates of the Election

Dear members,

As no valid nomination has been received in the reopening of the nomination period. The finalized list of candidates is as follows:

(a) Members of the Executive Committee
I. Chairman
Candidate: Lo Wing Yan [BSocSc (I)]

II. Internal Vice-Chairman
Candidate: Luo Lixin [BSocSc (I)]

III. External Vice-Chairman
Candidate: Wan Danian Anson [BSocSc(GL)&LLB (I)]

IV. General Secretary
Candidate: Wan Tsz Nga Cibe [BSocSc (I)]

V. Financial Secretary
Candidate: Wong Yi Ching [BSocSc (I)]

VI. Marketing Secretary
Candidate: Fung Hiu Ching Adeline [BSocSc (I)]

VII. External Affairs Secretary
Candidate: Lam Ho Yee [BSocSc (I)]

VIII. Current Affairs Secretary
Candidate: Yau Hoi Man [BJ (I)]

IX. Academic Secretary
Candidate: Hon John [BSocSc (I)]

X. Publicity Secretary
Candidate: Li Cheuk Yin [BJ (I)]

XI. Welfare Secretary
Candidate: Ling Yi Kwan Ingrid [BJ (I)]

No nomination has been received for the following posts:
Faculty Affairs Secretary, Publications Secretary, Social Secretary and Sports Secretary.

(b) Popularly Elected Councillor (5 Seats)
Candidate: Cheung Ho Ming [BSocSc (II)]

Best Regards,
Willy Tam
Central Election Commission,
Social Sciences Society Council,
Social Sciences Society HKUSU
Session 2017


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