Invitation to the Election Campaign and Polling Arrangement of the Election

Dear members,

1. Invitation to the Election Campaign

You are cordially invited to attend the Election Campaign held by the Central Election Commission, Social Sciences Society Council, Social Sciences Society HKUSU, Session 2017 (the Commission). The Election Campaign provides a channel of direct communication between voters and candidates.

Details of the Election Campaign are as follows:
Date: 9th November and 10th November
(*A mistake was made in the email dated 4th Nov. The correct date is shown above, as in the email dated 30th Oct. Sorry for any confusion caused. )
Time: 12pm to 6pm
Venue: Area outside Union Office
Tentative Schedule:
12pm to 12:30pm: Self Introduction of the candidates
12:30pm to 6pm: Questions from the floor
* The chairman of meeting will collect the final round of questions from the floor at 5:30pm.

The availability of each candidate is available here:
Election materials provided by the candidates are available here:

If you have any enquiry, please contact Willy Tam, Chairman of the Commission, via .

2. Polling Arrangement of the Election

Details of the Polling Period are as follows:
Date: 15th to 17th November
Opening Hours of the Polling Station: 12:30pm to 6pm
Venue: G/F, Centennial Campus (Area outside Bank of East Asia)

Please be reminded that –
You must present your student card at the polling station for identification purpose.
You will receive 2 ballot papers, one for the election of the members of the Executive Committee and another for the Election of Popularly Elected Councillor.
You should either vote “For” or “Against” a candidate. Blank or other markings will be considered an invalid vote towards that candidate.
If you have made any error in marking a ballot paper or have advertently spoiled a ballot paper, you may return that ballot paper to the Election Officer and ask for a replacement.
Please fold the ballot paper before leaving the voting compartment and putting it into the ballot box.

For details of the polling procedures, please refer to the Election and General Polling Regulation of the Society on the Council website on .

Best Regards,
Willy Tam
Central Election Commission,
Social Sciences Society Council,
Social Sciences Society HKUSU
Session 2017


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