Notice of Election for Social Sciences Society HKUSU, Session 2019

Dear members,

【Notice of Election for Social Sciences Society HKUSU, Session 2019】

The Society’s election for the members of the Executive Committee and Popularly Elected Councillors of the Society Council will be held in mid-November.

A. List of Candidates

The Nomination Period has ended at noon 29th October 2018. The following nomination of the Election for Social Sciences Society HKUSU, Session 2019 has been received and confirmed.

(a) Members of the Executive Committee
I. Chairman
Candidate: Chan Suen Tung [BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Chan Siu Ching [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Cheung Hing Wan [BSocSc (I)]

II. Internal Vice-chairman
Candidate: Wong Kin Yu Anson [BEd&BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Cheung Cheuk Yu [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Wong Sing Hang [BSocSc (I)]

III. External Vice-chairman
Candidate: Ng Cheuk Hei [BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB (I)]
Proposer: So Hau Kwong [BSocSc (II)]
Seconder: Yeung Chun Wai [BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB (III)]

IV. General Secretary
Candidate: Chiu Chun Yu [BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Lee Yuk Ching [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Yeung Wing [BSocSc (I)]

V. Financial Secretary
Candidate: Lui Ka Yau [BEd&BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Wong Sing Hang [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Chan Chak Hin [BSocSc (I)]

VI. Marketing Secretary
Candidate: Luk Hiu Laam [BJ (I)]
Proposer: Li Hoi Yan [BJ (I)]
Seconder: Chan Tsz Lam [BJ (I)]

VII. Faculty Affairs Secretary
Candidate: Lau Lauren Faith [BJ (I)]
Proposer: Lau Jie Ying [BJ (I)]
Seconder: Choy Wing Sze Jasmine [BJ (I)]

VIII. External Affairs Secretary
Candidate: Yip Ngo Shuen [BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Lau Sze Ting [BSocSc (II)]
Seconder: Cheung Chin To [BSocSc (II)]

IX. Publications Secretary
Candidate: Suen Wai Kwan [BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Chan Ying Tung [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Lee Ching Yin [BSocSc (I)]

X. Welfare Secretary
Candidate: Chan Kam Sau [BSocSc (I)]
Proposer: Chor Hiu Ying [BSocSc (I)]
Seconder: Yuen Chu Ki [BSocSc (I)]

XI. Social Secretary
Candidate: Ng Hau Yin Hanry [BSW (I)]
Proposer: Cheung Ho Yi Suki [BSW (I)]
Seconder: Yeung Yan Ying [BSW (I)]

XII. Sports Secretary
Candidate: Lam Nga Ki [BJ (I)]
Proposer: Lee Joshua [BJ (I)]
Seconder: Lam Stephanie [BJ (I)]

No nomination has been received for the following posts:
Current Affairs Secretary, Academic Secretary and Publicity Secretary.

(b) Popularly Elected Councillors (5 Seats)
No valid nomination received.

B. Withdrawal Period and Reopening of Nomination Period

Any candidate may withdraw his/her consent to nomination shall he/she so wish by a letter addressed to the Commission. The deadline for withdrawal in this election is noon 31st October 2018. The Commission shall declare the original nomination invalid upon reception of such letter.

The tentative reopening of the Nomination Period for vacancies without valid nomination will be from noon 31st October 2018 to noon 2nd November 2018. An official notice concerning the reopening of the Nomination Period will be announced on noon 31st October 2018.

C. Election Campaign

The Election Campaign will be held on 5th November 2018 to 6th November 2018 from 12 noon to 6pm each day outside Union Office. All members are welcome to come to know more about the candidates and their platforms.

The Election Campaign will proceed as follows:
12:00 to 12:30: Self Introduction of the candidates
12:30 to 18:00: Questions from the floor
*Please note that the chairman of the meeting will collect the final round of questions from the floor at 17:30.

D. Further Information

Should you have any enquiry, please contact WAN Tsz Nga Cibe, Chairman of Central Election Commission of the Society Council via

For notices, including this notice, and information on the election, please visit our Facebook Page or the Council’s website at

WAN Tsz Nga Cibe
Central Election Commission
Social Sciences Society Council
Social Sciences Society, HKUSU
Session 2018


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