Central Election Commission (CEC)

Terms of Reference:

a) To conduct all General Pollings including the election and by-election General Pollings of the Society. (amended 2006)
b) (repealed 2006)
c) To draft the rules for each General Polling in accordance with the Constitution and subject to the approval of the Council. (amended 2006)
d) To facilitate the campaign of the candidates with the help of the Executive Committee. (amended 2005)

Membership of Session 2018:

WAN Tsz Nga, Cibe (General Secretary of the Society)

SO Hau Kwong, Kenny (Representative of GGAS)
TANG Chun Lok, Hugo (Representative of PPAA)
KWOK Si Ki, Astrid (Representative of PSYC)
CHENG Nga Yue, Polly (Representative of SWSAS)
WAN Tsz Wah, Trevor (Representative of SOCI)

Contact email of Chairman of the committee: wantsznga@connect.hku.hk

Contact email of Chairman of the committee: