Constitution Review Committee (CRC)

Terms of Reference:

a) To keep a regular review of the structure and organization of the Society and the affiliated Academic societies and to make necessary recommendations to the Council.
b) To recommend revisions to the Society’s Constitution and all its regulations. (amended 2006)
c) To review all constitution revision of the affiliated Academic societies. All proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Committee for advisory consideration before presenting them to the respective general meetings for approval. (amended 2006)
d) To advise Council on all matters concerning the affiliation or disaffiliation of the academic societies, subject to the consideration and approval of the Union Council. (amended 2006)

Membership of Session 2019:

LO Wing Yan, Lilian (Council Chairperson)

CHAN Suen Tung, Krystal (Councillor from Executive Committee)
SIT Ka Ying, Iris (Councillor from GGAS)
LEUNG  Ho Hei, Fedrick (Councillor from PPAA)
WONG Ho Lam, Arthur (Councillor from PSYC)
LUK Ho Wang, Horace (Councillor from SWSAS)
LEE Hiu Yan, Chloe (Councillor from SOCI)
YAU Hoi Man (Popularly Elected Councillor)
WAN Danian Anson (Council member of the previous session)

Contact email of Chairperson of the committee: