Finance Committee (FinCom)

Terms of Reference:

a) To receive, consider and give recommendations on applications directed to the Council from any affiliated Academic Societies for subsidies. (amended 2015)
b) To scrutinize the budget of the Council including its standing committees. (amended 2006)
c) To scrutinize and give recommendations on all budgets and financial reports submitted to the Council. (amended 2006)
d) To advise the Council on any financial matters.
e) To make recommendations to the Council for regulations concerning the finance of the Society. (amended 2006)

Membership of Session 2019:

LUI Ka Yau, John (Financial Secretary of the Society)

LI Ching Huan (Representative of GGAS)
MA Kwan Ting, Kelly (Representative of PPAA)
TZE Man Huen (Representative of PSYC)
CHANG Yi Zhi (Representative of SWSAS)
NG Cheuk Ying (Representative of SOCI)
YAU Hoi Man (Popularly Elected Councillor)

Contact email of Chairperson of the committee: