Committee of Orientation (OCom)

Terms of Reference:

a) To consider and implement the co-ordination of orientation programmes in the following areas:
i) Reception of freshmen (amended 2014)
ii) Publication and publicity (amended 2014)
iii) Timing of orientation activities (amended 2014)
b) (repealed 2006)
c) To avoid duplication of resources
d) To give relevant information to freshmen

Members of Session 2018:

CHEUNG Ho Ming, Michael (Popularly Elected Councillor)

LUO Lixin, Karta (Representative from Executive Committee)
HO Ka Man, Carmen (Representative from GGAS)
LEE Chi Man (Representative from PPAA)
WONG Wing Tung, Tonie (Representative from PSYC)
CHAN Yin Tung, Michelle (Representative from SOCI)
CHENG Sze Wai, Vicky (Representative from SWSAS)

Contact email of Chairman of the committee: